Fairley Barnes




Los Alamos Mesa Public Library: Los Alamos NM

 THE ART OF CONVERSATION   until 27 Jan 2017

Collaborative show with Katy Korkos

I have been a full time artist for over 10 years, focusing on sculpture and installations, book arts and journaling, as a way to bring a fresh view to our interactions with the environment, each other, and our inner paths.

recent work in steel and silk focus on the human biological systems and our responses to each other and the environment

weathered woods, forged steel and fibers form a dialogue between our actions and the environment

silk --- a subtle and sensuous medium, especially when dyed with natural plant materials

outdoors  & indoors....installations that bring us into the present moment



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EARTH // SKY 2  Installation at Santa Fe Community College, Fine Arts Department; until Dec 5 2016